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PolyFlex — ADVANCED POLYMER TECHNOLOGY FOR VIBRATION CONTROL; The moulding division, 'Superior Polyurethanes', produces specialised custom mouldings for the Marine, Defence, Mining, Building, Agricultural, Chemical and Leisure industries.


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These Marine engine mounts and flexible drive couplings that are designed for the marine industry, tested and certified for the marine industry and sold to some of the leading manufactures, Bertram, Hatteras, Riviera, Robovich, CAT, Spencer, Sculley, Tribute, Jarrett Bay, Bayliss and many other marine service centers.

Poly Flex engine mounts are specifically designed to provide vibration isolation for your machinery while also providing high resistance to movement caused by dynamic loads, such as propeller thrust and lateral loads experienced in marine applications.

Warranty — we stand by what we sell
10-year/Original boat owner AGREEMENT
we will replace any part of the engine mount that breaks at

The10-year/Original boat owner Agreement is available free of charge, for a limited time on all POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNTS, subject to the terms and conditions stated below. Customers have 90 days from date of purchase to register mounts for the 10-year/Original boat owner Agreement.


To accept the 10-year/Original boat owner Agreement, you must register your qualifying POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNT, within 90 days after purchase. You may register by US/Canada Post mail - simply complete the registration form found with the POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNT, then mail the card together with a copy of your store receipt to:

Thermo Boat Ltd.

All registrations must be made under the name of an individual person. Within approximately 6-8 weeks after completion of the registration process, you will receive confirmation via email or US/Canada Post mail that will include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number. Keep track of this number as you will need it in order to obtain service for your product under the Lifetime Service Agreement. A Lifetime Service Agreement card will be mailed to you; this will also include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number.

WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE 10-year/Original boat owner Agreement.

10-year/Original boat owner Agreement

  • 100% parts guaranty for 10-years on POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNT
  • Seize recommendation must be made by Thermo Boat Ltd. or our approved distributor.
  • Must be installed according to supplied installation manual.
  • The warranty only covers the parts and not the labor to replace and/or repair the POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNT.
The 10-year/Original boat owner Agreement on POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNTS covers ONLY broken parts in your qualifying POLYFLEX® Brand ENGINE MOUNT.
The 10-year/Original boat owner Agreement does not apply to other POLYFLEX® Brand products.


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